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Director, Writer, Producer

Bernadette Wegenstein is a documentary filmmaker, educator, and writer who combines feminist thought and human-centric storytelling.




Adriana Copete is a media producer and animator whose work concerns memory, oral narratives and collaborative documentary.


Compositing Artist, Colorist & Stop Motion Artist

Juan Camilo Fonnegra is animator using both analog and digital techniques, with an experimental emphasis on stop motion. He’s been animation director for short films,
documentary projects, video clips and television series. He is creative director of the La Pájarapinta animation studio and director of the animated short film “La Sixtina,” which is
currently on the festival route, and which has garnered several mentions and selections, including at the Biarritz Latin American Film Festival, the Havana Film Festival, and the Bogoshorts International Short Film Festival.



Voice of Agatha

Donatella is an acclaimed Italian actress who has starred in feature films such as The Wedding Director. She is featured as the voice of Agatha.

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 6.33.10 PM.png



Natali is a graphic designer who specializes in animation and has worked on projects in several animation studios and audiovisual production companies in Colombia since 2012. In 2020 she began developing projects as Director and Producer in Patitina Estudio, her own company. Natali has also been involved in educational processes for animation at universities in Colombia as a workshop leader and lecturer. Since 2021 she has been a Master candidate of The European Erasmus Mundus Master in Animation Re: Anima.


End Sequence Animation

Katelyn Bernardo (she/they) is a multimedia artist pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Pre-production and Minor in Film at California State University of Long Beach. Her work aims to stimulate the senses with vibrant color palettes, explore themes of expression and identity, and uplift the marginalized. She has worked as an Art Instructor and Teaching Aide for drawing and animation at EPA Center Arts and as an editorial illustrator at 22 West Magazine. 



Born in Graz, Austria, Stefan went to high school for Music and studied Information Design at the University for Applied Sciences FH-Joanneum Graz.

Since 2009 he has been an editor and post-production producer for film and TV productions. He teaches at the Filmcollege Vienna, and at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna in the areas "Film, TV, and Media-production."



Lead Assistant Editor

Jim Rosenthal is an editor and producer working in Los Angeles, California.



Edoardo is an award-winning fiction and documentary editor. He has lectured at the Experimental Center of Cinematography since 2014, he currently teaches at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies in Rome.

Jim Rosenthal


Director of Photography

Judith is a documentary filmmaker who studied cinematography under Christian Berger and editing at the University of Performing Arts in Vienna.


Director of Photography

Allen Moore, a graduate of Harvard University, has been producing, directing, photographing and editing his own documentaries for more than 30 years. Moore has served as a director of photography for numerous of Ken Burns’ films winning an Emmy for Baseball for cinematography, nominated for New York, and helping The National Parks: America’s Best Idea earn an Emmy Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Series. 



Additional Cinematographer

Two-time Emmy Award-winning DP John Benam brings extraordinary and important stories to the screen.  His passion for diversity and social justice is evident in his critically acclaimed films. “Charm City,” which was shortlisted for the Oscars, earned worldwide theatrical release in 2018, revealing the complex world of community-police relations.  


John works with National Geographic, HBO, PBS, and Oprah Winfrey's "OWN' and has a rich network of spirited collaborators and colleagues. 


Re-Recording Mixer Supervising Sound Editor

 For over 25 years, Kevin has worked his way through live theatre, the music industry, A/V installation and composing, ultimately transitioning into post production sound. Kevin is primarily a Re-recording Mixer, dialogue editor and supervising sound editor. His sound work has been heard at film festivals across the world including SXSW, Toronto, Tribeca, Berlin, Cannes, and more. 


Sound Effects Editor & Sound Design

Renai is a sound effects editor and sound designer at Sound Department. She started her career in audio with production sound while studying to complete her Bachelor of Audio at SAE Institute in Sydney, Australia. During her studies of post-production audio, she quickly fell in love with sound design and editing. Diving into the world of post-production audio as an intern, she soon began working in recording studios, recording dialogue for commercials and working on feature films as an editor and sound designer. After moving to the US she completed an internship at Rooster Teeth as a sound designer and began freelancing for them on animations such as Death Battle! and RWBY. 


Colorist & Online Editorial

Matt Riggieri is a founding partner and Emmy Award Winning producer/director at Digital Cave. He has devoted his career to discovering stories and crafting a vision that deeply connects with the audience.  He most recently has directed national and regional spots and a series for ESPN+. While loving the creative process, he is a devout believer in the intersection of technology and art and Matt is credited with 30+ films as colorist and post production supervisor. His work spans narrative, non-fiction, and commercial. 


Music Supervisor, Schubert Andantino Arranger &

Composer of Original Music

Markus Gartner is an Austrian-American composer, producer and guitarist living in Vienna, Austria.  He began his music career as a guitarist and songwriter in the early 90’s’ alternative/underground scene.   In 2009 he started to specialize in film music. Since then he has written scores for numerous TV-series and 5 feature films.


Composer: "Faith in Glory"

Xandi Waystone (he/they) is a multimedia artist based in Baltimore, MD who works between the fields of audio production/engineering, cinematography, and video editing. In December 2022, they received their B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Johns Hopkins University. 


Composer of Original Music

Clarice Assad is a Brazilian-American, Grammy Award nominated composer, celebrated pianist, vocalist, and educator.  She is a powerful voice in the classical, world music, pop, and jazz genres with acclaim to a diverse range in style and expression of musical textures.


Arranged, Re-composed & Produced Franz Schubert Sonata

Florian Tessloff is a German composer, producer, and pianist based in Hamburg.



Singer: "Faith in Glory"

Sadia Bangura is a junior studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Johns Hopkins. When she is not studying or in classes she dedicates a lot of her free time to playing and creating music. She serves as the musical director for the Johns Hopkins Melanotes, where she leads and aranges music for the group. She also has solo music endeavors which include performing at local open mics, and writing and producing her own music


Animated Agatha

Charlotte Egginton is currently studying Creative Writing and Romance Languages at Johns Hopkins University. When she isn't writing, she dedicates her time to visual art and music, among other creative outlets.



Production Assistant, Web Design, & Trailer Editor

Minna is a film student at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland.  She has written and produced several of her own visually poetic and experimental short films, including original scores.

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