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A crane captures the parade of the fercolo in front of the Cathedral of Saint Agatha

Devoti Tutti began production in 2012 while Bernadette was finishing another documentary film, The Good Breast, which examines the medical and personal experiences of women who have lost their breasts to cancer.  The crew went back to film in August that year to further the development of existing characters and storylines. 


The film combines the footage from Catania alongside a modern recreation of the myth of Agatha, which seeks to understand the woman behind the cult, not as a saint or a martyr, but a person who stood up for herself, even in the face of great brutality.  Bernadette recreates the myth of Agatha through Agatha's point of view in rotoscoped footage.


Bernadette directs her daughter, Charlotte, who plays animated Agatha. 


Bernadette interviewed Angela, a Catanian woman, and her family to gather information about the Festa and their personal lives in relation to the cult of the saint.

Berna_Judith discussing scene with drone.jpg

A drone captured aerial footage of Catania.


Side by side of the raw footage and animations. 


Production wrapped in October of 2022, concluding the filming of Devoti Tutti, ten years in the making.  These last shots were used as backplates for animation.

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